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I'd give them zero stars if I could! Worst Customer Service ever - Bad Service I can not get a response from them.. I got ripped off I'm still waiting What is it going to take to get my order???? I ordered an OU canopy for football game tailgate parties on July 24, Today is rew out of moneycAugust 17th and still not received my order.

I've called 3 or 4 times and emailed 3 or 4 times and still no response. I'm sure Mike K their representative will say I'm a liar too as he's done for everyone else that has had a bad experience. I guess I'll file my complaint with BBB too. Makes me angry that I got screwed out of my hard earned money. Ordered a golf bag from StadiumAllstar. Any questions I emailed were answered right away. Very pleased! Thanks StadiumAllstar. Keep it up! I originally ordered a golf bag from StadiumAllstar and after a week's period of time my funds finally transferred and I thought the bag would soon be on its way.

I went to Google and saw some of the reviews here that customers had previously posted and I became worried that I had been taken.

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I immediately emailed SA and also tried calling their listed number, however, it turned out to be a private number for someone in Kansas. I would have liked to talk to someone in person to discuss the situation but I couldn't even reach them. They did respond to my emails and I expressed dissatisfaction with how things were proceeding and that I wanted to cancel the order. They responded that they would happily cancel the order and reimburse me for what I paid. I was reluctant to believe it but 2 days later to their credit and decency they returned the funds to my bank account no questions asked.

I haven't purchased many items online, but perhaps I could have been more patient being as the shipping was free. In any event, while not having the best experience with Stadium Allstar, at least they did the right thing and returned my money. I opened a claim with PayPal since I e-mailed the company so many times stating I never received my package. They quickly provided the tracking number through PayPal though. I tried contacting them again via e-mail, no response.

Then, I decided to open a claim with the BBB to try to get a response.

The individual responded saying what I was saying was crazy and that I never e-mailed them. I attached the e-mail to my response and they came back saying "I have no idea what e-mail they sent that to because we never received anything" The person I dealt with was rude and told me I needed to contact FedEx in regards to my missing package. I contacted FedEx and they stated that the company is the one that deals with a reshipment or a refund. I contacted the company through BBB again and they have refused to take any additional action.

Horrible customer service and unwilling to work with their customers. Was expecting it to show up at my folks while I was visiting them for a belated Christmas gift. Can't get anyone to answer phone and the voice mail is full with a message that says to contact them by e-mailing an address that can not be delivered.

I replied to my confirmation e-mail to see where my order is, but haven't gotten a reply. coupon codes -

When I log in to my account on the site, there is nothing listed under orders placed in the past 1 month???????? I read the reviews before I would consider ordering from the company. Buissness response is very unproffessional. Never degrade a customer B. Your sales will definitely decline with this response C. Deflect negative comments and redirect with positive feedback such as "I will look into and investigate the situation and get back to you" 2.

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Nobody wants to hear an excuse, only a resolution to the problem. If someone is making up these negative comments, don't fall into the game. Give resolution, have them call to resolve. Don't lose your cool. The buissness response is definitely hurting your business. Myself and 4 others looked elsewhere in the past hour because we read the reviews and the only thing that stood out was the business response.

To improve either properly train or terminate Ordered a kayak and got in in brand new perfect condition in just 5 days. Best price I could find anywhere. I purchased a item from them and they sent me the wrong item. I tried to contact them several times and they won't respond to me. How does this site even stay in business??? I recieved 1 towables after 2 weeks.